Bank Holidays 2022

amnis list of bank holidays 2022
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On a bank holiday, it is not possible to execute payments in the respective currency. When dealing with your sme’s international payments and currency exchanges, it is therefore important to keep in mind not only the bank holidays of your own country, but also of the country that you are wiring money to and its respective currency.

In the following table we put together an overview of the most important currencies, including CHF (Switzerland), EUR (Eurozone), GBP (Great Britain), USD (United States of America), Czech Republic (CZK), Poland (PLN) and China (CNH).

At the end of this article, you can download the complete list of all bank holidays 2022 and 2023 for more than 25 different currencies.


2022-01-01xxxxxxNew Year
2022-01-02xBerchtold Day
2022-01-03xxMon after New Year
2022-01-17xMartin Luther King's Day
2022-01-31xChinese New Year Eve
2022-02-01xLunar New Year
2022-02-02xLunar New Year
2022-02-03xLunar New Year
2022-02-04xChinese New Year
2022-02-05xChinese New Year
2022-02-06xChinese New Year
2022-02-21xWashington Day
2022-04-04xChing Ming (Bridge)
2022-04-05xChing Ming
2022-04-15xxxxxGood Friday
2022-04-18xxxxxxEaster Monday
2022-05-01xxLabour Day
2022-05-02xxMay Day Bank Holiday
2022-05-03xConstitution Day
2022-05-30xMemorial Day
2022-06-02xQueen's Platinum Jubilee
2022-06-03xQueen's Platinum Jubilee
2022-06-03xTuen Ng
2022-06-06xWhit Monday
2022-06-16xCorpus Christi
2022-06-20xMon after Juneteenth Nat. Ind. Day
2022-07-01xSAR Establishment Day
2022-07-04xIndependence Day
2022-07-05xCyril and Methodius
2022-07-06xMaster Jan Hus
2022-08-01xSwiss National Day
2022-08-29 xAugust Bank Holiday
2022-09-05xLabor Day
2022-09-12xMon after Mid Autumn (est.)
2022-09-28xStatehood Day
2022-10-01xNational Day
2022-10-02xNational Holiday
2022-10-03 xNational Holiday
2022-10-04xChung Yeung
2022-10-05 xNational Holiday
2022-10-06 xNational Holiday
2022-10-07xNational Holiday
2022-10-28 xIndependence Day
2022-10-10xColumbus Day
2022-11-01 xAll Saints' Day
2022-11-11 xVeterans Day
2022-11-11 xIndependence Day
2022-11-17 xStudent's Day
2022-11-24 xThanksgiving Day
2022-12-24 xChristmas Eve
2022-12-25 xxxxChristmas
2022-12-26 xxxxxxxChristmas
2022-12-27 xxBoxing Day


Download the complete bank holiday list 2022 and 2023 of more than 25 currencies:

amnis Bank Holidays 2022



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