EXCHANGE - For simple and fast currency exchange, powerful as a trading software

Currency exchange simplified to empower Financial Managers to exchange currency online at the best rate.
Save up to 2.1% and get your margin back – the banks have kept it for too long.
Amnis treasury - The simplest, fastest, and most affordable international payment platform for SMEs

Taking control of your currency exchanges allows you to save money...

and this is why financial institutions and digital payment platforms don’t let you do it yourself. Instead, you are charged hidden fees and faced with non-transparent conditions that make it impossible to keep control.
We think that’s not fair at all.
Our goal is to embrace transparency, trust, and empowerment. 
We want to lower the financial barriers to global business for SME, and thus, we believe that you should have the tool to optimise your currency exchange.

So, we created EXCHANGE
inspired by professional trading software but simplified for SMEs...

This is what our developers (the artists who create our platform) are so good at.
 And this is the outcome:

Instant exchange

The simplest and fastest way to exchange money. 

You set how much you want, you click, you get it.

Target rate “limit order”

Automated currency exchange at your preferred target rate. For the right timing always.
 You set the price, you click, you get it as soon as the target rate is touched in the currency markets.

Currency Hedging

Hedging has never been so easy. You can enter a forward contract without deposit. Currency fluctuations will never again affect your profit.

Flexible Forward Contract

Manage and mitigate your currency risks while having full visibility and control over your exposure. With our hedging possibilities you can adjust or split forward contracts with a few clicks or enter swap agreements.

The international payment platform number #1 for SMEs

... to simplify global trade for SMEs.

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And it worked pretty well so far...

“Since 2015,


of all 1,093 companies that opened an account are still using Amnis WebApp today!”

Michael Wüst
founder and CEO

So, why leave it to your bank if you can keep it for yourself?

... for them and many more...

Getting started is easy...

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