Your cash management on autopilot

Automate your cash management to streamline payment processes and enhance efficiency in currency exchanges.
Your cash management on autopilot - Recurring currency conversion step 1 Your cash management on autopilot - Recurring currency conversion step 2 Your cash management on autopilot - Recurring currency conversion successful Your cash management on autopilot - Automated transaction overview

Tailored automations for next-level cash management

Managing cash in multiple currencies is now as easy as managing your email inbox: Just like setting rules to forward, delete or categorize emails helps save time, automating your transactions with amnis allows you to streamline your financial workflows with ease.

Recurring transaction for cash management automation Recurring transaction for cash management automation

Recurring transactions

Set up automated transactions for recurring payments, currency exchanges, or payment requests on pre-defined intervals, such as the last day of each month, and conveniently execute rental or salary payments through standing orders.

Balance threshold for cash management automation Balance threshold for cash management automation

Balance threshold

COMING SOON: Automatically execute payments or currency exchanges as soon as a certain balance threshold is reached in your amnis accounts. Converting incoming payments to your preferred currency has never been easier.

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Automating currency exchange

Are you frequently in need of foreign currencies to settle your invoices? Easily set up recurring fx transactions to simplify the process. For example, amnis can automatically purchase 5,000 PLN for you each week, ensuring that you always have sufficient balance on your PLN account without needing to manually purchase the currency each time. This not only saves you time but also minimizes your currency fluctuation risk, making it a great solution for businesses dealing with multiple currencies.

Automating payment processes

Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up automated transactions that work similarly to traditional standing orders. At pre-defined intervals, such as weekly or monthly, amnis will automatically send the designated amount to one or more beneficiaries, making it ideal for salary or rental payments. By utilizing recurring payments, you can eliminate the risk of fat-finger errors and avoid payment delays, ensuring that your transactions are processed smoothly and efficiently.

The ultimate combination

Combining automated currency exchange and payments can be incredibly useful if you regularly receive customer payments in foreign currencies, for instance, if your German company has US clients who settle their invoices in USD. If you prefer not to hold onto the Dollars but have the funds in your house bank account, you can simply schedule an automation rule: as soon as the USD enter your amnis account, they are automatically converted into your home currency and subsequently sent to your German house bank account.

This provides a convenient and efficient solution for managing foreign currency flows, allowing you to focus on your core business. Learn how to set up automations here.

The Swiss Army Knife with the extra tools for SMEs

Discover amnis' toolset for seamless international banking.
  • IBAN account for 20+ currencies
    Send and receive funds via our local and cross-border payment rails.
  • Multi-currency company debit cards
    With smart budget control and expense management functionalities.
  • Multipay & File Upload to simplify bulk payments
    Execute recurring bulk payments to multiple recipients with just one click.
  • 24/7 self service platform access
    Don’t be limited by working hours. Do transactions whenever you want.
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Your cash management on autopilot with amnis
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