The simplest, fastest, and most affordable international payment platform for SMEs. Ever.

An all-in-one platform allowing you to strategize and execute your international payments, collect your money, and exchange your currencies.

Amnis treasury - The simplest, fastest, and most affordable international payment platform for SMEs

We thought it was not fair...

So far, the traditional banking industry had a monopoly on international payments and currency exchanges, charging fees beyond reason. In recent years large entities with huge currency volumes more and more got access to sophisticated tools. So far no provider offers SMEs access to a solution to optimise currency exchanges and international payments.

But Amnis is here for you.

We believe that technological advancements should benefit all, also the smallest businesses, and allow them to work with any partner worldwide. Any SME financial manager should be equipped with a tool that is secure as a bank, simple as a calculator, and, above all, fair and affordable.

Financial transactions shouldn’t be a barrier to your development. Not anymore.

... so, Amnis WebApp has been created...


In any currency to more than 120 countries, same day or scheduled, local or cross-border, in bulk or individually.

Transfer money to anyone, anywhere, without limitations.


Multi-currency accounts, dedicated IBANs to receive money in 24 currencies, automations.

Get your cash quickly.


Currency exchange, various order types, risk management, hedging tools, community.

Currency exchange at the best possible exchange rates.

... to simplify global trade for SMEs.

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Amnis WebApp
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And it worked pretty well so far...

“Our clients exchanged

1.5 Billion

Swiss francs equivalent so far

...and of all accounts opened since we started back in 2014,


are still active.”

... for them and many more...

... and that makes us really happy

Getting started has never been so easy
and saving neither!

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