The ultimate multi-currency business debit card

The only card you'll ever need: online, offline and wherever your business takes you. Streamline your spending and focus on what really matters – growing your business.
The amnis business debit card | amnis

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One card, endless possibilities

Whether you take a client out to lunch, fuel up your company car, book train tickets, or pay fees for online tools – with amnis, you and your team can make physical and virtual debit card payments worldwide, while easily keeping control over your business expenses.

Truly multi-currency

Forgot to top up your currency account? We’ve got you covered, even when you don’t have the needed currency balance or account. Your payments are charged directly to your amnis multi-currency account. As long as your overall balance is sufficient, we make sure your transaction goes through – regardless of the currency.

Goodbye hidden fees

No surprises: zero fees apply if you have sufficient balance in the required currency account. If a currency exchange is needed, we automatically convert your reference currency at the usual transparent rate included in your plan. In case of a payment with a currency not supported by amnis, the standard Mastercard fees apply.

Smart control at your fingertips

Keep control of your business expenses with a real-time transaction overview and easy adjustment and management of settings at any time: spending limits for a single card or an entire team, geoblocking, cash withdrawal and merchant-type restrictions, PIN change, temporary card deactivation or blocking – you get full control!

Get your team equipped
in seconds

Conveniently order your company cards online, set up teams with customised rules and keep track of your budget – smart and safely with state-of-the-art technology.

Order up to 550 physical and virtual business debit cards for you and your team

For you and
your team

Equipping your team with our business debit cards is easy and hassle-free, with more than 500 cards included in our plans. Virtual cards are issued and activated instantly, while physical cards are sent to your doorstep within a few days. You can assign cards to individuals, teams or an entire department to easily monitor assigned budgets.

The business debit card makes expense management quicker and easier.

Seamless accounting
and reporting

With amnis tags, card transactions can be classified and assigned to a project or an entire department for comprehensive reports that help you make better business decisions. Uploading receipts is as easy as exporting transaction files and importing them into your accounting system, speeding up accounting.

multi-currency business debit cards for you and your team | amnis

Join the 2000+ companies that benefit from the amnis international banking solution.

Our goal is to make our customers’ lives easier. Test it and you’ll quickly see why.

Overview of the business debit card in the WebApp | amnis

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