The ultimate multi-currency business debit card

Florian Schaffner
CFO and Head of Data, Algrano AG

amnis has been an amazing partner. With self-service flexibility, we still appreciate the added benefit of proactive customer support that stands out – kudos to the team for their pace!

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Oscar Haartman
Founder and Owner,

amnis has been a game-changer, transforming what was once a headache into a breeze. Its constantly evolving portfolio has truly impressed us – for us, it’s clearly the best tool out there.

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Niklaus Thür
Founder, Thür Lingua AG

With its transparent interface and intuitive design, the tool simplifies tasks to a single click, while still ensuring there’s always a designated contact person available for assistance.

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Martin Hutter
CEO, acundis group

amnis offers the right tools to simplify our monthly FX trades. Their platform is very intuitive and easy to use, which streamlines our processes and makes transactions more efficient.

Leverage your business debit card potential with the Mastercard® Business Bonus Program

Mastercard® Business Bonus offers an exclusive bonus program tailored to your business needs, optimizing your spending journey. With an amnis debit Mastercard, you get all the benefits:
Access discounted rates through global partnerships and take advantage of a range of online tools, software solutions, project management aids and more.

Traditional Banks
Instant, digital self-service card issuing
Free unlimited virtual cards
High spending limits, easily adjustable online
Full budget control with custom restrictions
Flexible card de- and reactivation
Multi-currency settlement at 0% fees
Expense management with receipt capturing


Discover all about the amnis company debit card benefits and its use cases

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