amnis API

Connect directly to amnis for real-time processing and seamlessly integrate your system with our secure API. Designed for flexibility, it puts you in control of currency conversion, payment execution, and account management and facilitates accounting and reconciliation processes.
API docs
amnis api docs

Use cases

Manage your transactions in real-time
Retrieve details about a single transaction or easily access recent transaction data for an account within your system to facilitate your payment and accounting workflows.
The global business debit card | amnis
Access individual payments or an entire batch
Get details for single Peer-to-Peer payments, global payouts and pay-ins as well as payment collections for your accounts.
Conveniently check your amnis account balances
Access specific account data of a single or multiple accounts within your system, like the available or forecasted balance, to streamline your reconciliation process.
The global business debit card | amnis
All you need to know about your currency exchange
Delve into your fx transactions and use various query parameters to customize your request and filter the results according to your needs.
Request foreign exchange rates effortlessly
This endpoint allows API users to swiftly obtain foreign exchange rates by specifying parameters such as currency pair and amount.
Unveiling card transaction information
Get detailed information about a specific card transaction or retrieve a list of recent transactions associated with an account for valuable insights directly in your system.
The global business debit card | amnis
Better insights into the amnis fee structure
Retrieve the details of a single fee based on a specific ID or a detailed list of fees associated with an account, with the flexibility to filter the results to meet your needs.
Access in-depth contact information
Receive information about a specific contact within your system or get an extensive list of user contacts, empowering you with the ability to filter, paginate, and access in-depth contact information.
Getting started with the amnis public API
Our amnis API documentation provides a comprehensive resource for getting started, including details on API usage, limits, errors, responses, and a historical record of updates and revisions.


We’re happy to guide you through the implementation process, ensuring the solution aligns perfectly with your business requirements.

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