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Currency holidays 2024: what needs to be considered

On so called bank or currency holidays, it is not possible to execute traditional payments in the respective currency. When dealing with your company’s international payments and foreign currency exchange, it is therefore important to keep in mind not only the currency holidays of your own country, but also of the country that you are wiring money to and its respective currency.

In the following table we put together an overview of the most important currencies (weekends excluded), including CHF (Switzerland), EUR (Eurozone), GBP (Great Britain), USD (United States of America), Czech Republic (CZK), Poland (PLN) and China (CNH). At the end of this article, you can download the complete list of all currency holidays 2024 for more than 25 different currencies.

25.12.2023xxxxxxxChristmas Day
26.12.2023xxxxxxBoxing Day
01.01.2024xxxxxxxNew Year's Day
02.01.2024xBerchtold Day
15.01.2024xMartin Luther King's Day
12.02.2024xChinese New Year
13.02.2024xLunar New Year
14.02.2024xChinese New Year
15.02.2024xChinese New Year
19.02.2024xPresidents' Day (Washington's Day)
29.03.2024xxxxxGood Friday
01.04.2024xxxxxxEaster Monday
04.04.2024xChing Ming
05.04.2024xChing Ming (Bridge)
01.05.2024xxxxxxLabor Day
03.05.2024xConstitution Day
08.05.2024xLiberation Day
15.05.2024xBuddha's Birthday (Estimated)
27.05.2024xxSpring bank holiday/Memorial Day (US)
30.05.2024xCorpus Christi
10.06.2024xTuen Ng
19.06.2024xJuneteenth Nat. Ind. Day
04.07.2024xIndependence Day
05.07.2024xCyril and Methodius
01.08.2024xSwiss National Day
26.08.2024xSummer Bank Holiday
02.09.2024xLabor Day
16.09.2024xMid-Autumn Festival (Bridge)
17.09.2024xMid-Autumn Festival
01.10.2024xNational Holiday
02.10.2024xNational Holiday
03.10.2024xNational Holiday
04.10.2024xNational Holiday
14.10.2024xColumbus Day
01.11.2024xAll Saints' Day
25.12.2024xxxxxxxChristmas Day
26.12.2024xxxxxxBoxing Day

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Get the complete list

Download the list of bank holidays 2024 of more than 25 currencies.


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