Payment process & fx automation

Use automated transactions to facilitate your cash management and make your payments and currency exchanges more efficient.

Optimize your cash management with automated transactions

To simplify your payment processes and fx transactions, you can create recurring payments or trigger an action based on balance thresholds. This allows you, for example, to automatically convert incoming payments into your home currency or to regularly execute international salary payments.

If you don’t know where to start, you can simply use our templates to help you set up the rule of your choice.

Recurring transactions

You can set up automated transactions for recurring payments or currency exchanges for certain periodical intervals, e.g. on the first of each month or every two weeks.

Balance threshold

This automation rule allows you to automatically execute payments or currency exchanges as soon as a certain balance threshold is reached in your amnis currency accounts.

Check out the automation tool and all available templates in your amnis account under “automations”

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Automated currency exchange

Automated currency transactions are useful if, for example, you receive customer payments in foreign currency.

Let’s assume that your German company has clients in the US, who settle their invoices in USD. With your amnis business account, you can easily receive USD. If you do not want to keep these USD, you can set up an fx automation rule: as soon as your pre-determined threshold is reached, amnis will automatically convert the USD into EUR.

It is also a great feature if you frequently need foreign currencies to settle your invoices. With a recurring fx transaction, amnis can, for example, automatically buy 5’000 PLN for you each week. This way, you always have enough balance on your PLN account and don’t need to buy the currency manually each time. Moreover, this is a great way to limit your currency fluctuation risk!

Automated payment processes

With recurring payments, you can automate payment processes and boost your efficiency!
They are easy to set up and work like traditional standing orders: at your pre-defined periodical interval (e.g. each week or month), amnis will send the desired amount to one or several beneficiaries - ideal for salary or rental payments! This way, you avoid fat-finger errors and payment delays!

The ultimate combination for your cash management

To get the most out of it, you can also combine automated payment processes with fx automations!

Let’s assume that your Swiss company receives GBP payments from English customers. However, you prefer to have this money in your CHF house bank account. To do so, you can simply create an automation rule: as soon as the GBP enter your account, amnis automatically converts them into CHF and subsequently sends them to your house bank account.

It also works well for recurring transactions, e.g. foreign currency salary payments: amnis can automatically buy the desired currency at the end of the month and trigger a pay-out to your employees abroad.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry - we have prepared templates for the most common use cases so that you only need to fill in the business details of your automation!

The Swiss Army Knife with the extra tools for SMEs

amnis offers tools that facilitate your international banking.
  • Express identification and account validation:
    Create your account and already make your first payment on the same day.
  • Multi-user and multi-account management:
    Ideal for large financial teams or financial service providers, like accountants.
  • Single as well as bulk payments possible:
    By uploading a payment file you can also execute bulk payments efficiently.
  • Accounting system integration:
    Link amnis with an accounting system like bexio to optimize your workflow.
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