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Niklaus Thür, Thür Lingua AG

Thür Lingua AG - Passion-driven language stays

As an experienced specialist, Thür Lingua has been shaping the world of language stays in Europe, Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand since 1981. The company is passionate about offering tailored, comprehensive advice and organisation – always with a best-price guarantee. The courses offered include adult and youth language courses, business language courses, private lessons and group trips. As a pioneer in the Swiss industry, the company sets the standard for high-quality language travel that harmoniously combines its passion for unforgettable language adventures.

Company: Thür Lingua AG

Industry: Tourism, education

Number of employees: 4

Customer since: 2019

Global activity: Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand

The challenge: Global currency management in 6+ currencies

Thür Lingua operates globally in currencies such as EUR, GBP, CAD, USD, AUD and NZD. As a result, the company faced the challenge of efficiently managing these foreign currencies. Due to a change in his contact person at the existing bank, the language travel expert opted for a different banking partner.

However, the new provider did not offer an online tool for foreign exchange transactions which resulted in manual and telephone-based transaction processes. This approach was time-consuming and limited Niklaus Thür’s flexibility when it came to currency trading, particularly given the high amount of forwards. Furthermore, as a smaller company, Thür Lingua faced relatively high fees for its foreign payments.

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amnis WebApp and Mobile App Dashboard

The solution: Efficient currency management for Thür Lingua

Niklaus Thür discovered amnis via an email. Despite other requests from competitors, he intuitively decided to test the amnis tool with a free, non-binding demo account. He was pleasantly surprised to learn that amnis offered precisely what the banks couldn’t. Thür subsequently transferred all of his foreign currency transactions to amnis in 2019.

  • Flexible account opening: amnis enables autonomous online opening of currency accounts in seconds, even for less common currencies, empowering Thür Lingua to promptly address international business needs.
  • Currency accounts without additional fees: Since there are no fees for additional foreign currencies, amnis offers the language travel expert tangible cost savings, along with transparency and a comprehensive fee overview..
  • 24/7 self-service FX trading: Thanks to the ability to independently exchange currencies around the clock, Thür saves valuable time and can access all amnis services even outside of business hours.
  • Tailor-made forwards: Forwards can be adapted and handled based on individual requirements. This includes advance withdrawals as well as flexible changing of value dates without additional administration fees.

«amnis values us as a small company, ensuring that we receive the right solutions for every requirement. We especially appreciate the attractive, transparent conditions for currency exchange, free from hidden extra costs and with a fixed margin.»

Niklaus Thür, Founder, Thür Lingua AG
Explore our platform with a free demo account. Enjoy a swift, fully digital business setup in just 48 hours, and leverage our solution to reduce transaction costs, boost full income potential and streamline operations for significant time savings. Effortlessly manage local and global payments, enjoy fast cross-border transactions, 24/7 currency exchange, strategic FX hedging, interest cashback on account balances, and more.


Thanks to options such as partial withdrawals and forward adjustments, Thür Lingua was able to optimally and independently adapt its currency transactions as required. This led to visibly increased flexibility and efficiency in its financial processes.

Lucrative currency conversion

Thür regularly converts currencies through amnis and benefits from attractive FX rates and a fixed margin of maximum 0.40%, which results in clear cost benefits – up to four times cheaper than with traditional banks.

Efficient global payments

With multiple international payments to its global network of service providers, the company benefits from access to free, local real-time payment systems, such as SEPA for EUR payments or ACH for USD transfers.

The ideal partner

Thanks to ongoing product developments, Thür Lingua leverages its partnership with amnis for more than just currency transactions and international payments.

When Thür Lingua switched to amnis in 2019, the service was initially designed for exchanging currencies. Shortly thereafter, amnis enabled direct payments through the tool. Thür has also made use of the ability to receive foreign currency payments multiple times.

The language travel professional quickly realised that amnis is extremely innovative and is continually developing – the ideal partner for a future-oriented collaboration. Particularly for a smaller company like his, amnis won over with its costs: the company is able to cover all of its financial business activities with the free starter package.

When the business debit card, a multi-currency card, was introduced in 2023, Niklaus Thür was able to immediately integrate this into his team. Included free of charge in the package, there are no monthly or annual fees, nor other surcharges for card payments in foreign currencies.

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For Niklaus Thür, one thing is certain: amnis meets his requirements and continually strives for new solutions.

«The tool is transparent and self-explanatory. I can manage everything with one click, and there’s always someone available if I need assistance.» says Thür, highlighting his personal contact with amnis. In case a payment encounters any issues, he has direct access to his account manager who can efficiently handle his request.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, Niklaus Thür was able to seamlessly integrate amnis into his daily working life without additional manual effort.

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