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COLLECT: your global account for international business payments
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When doing business abroad, an SME is often faced with international banking challenges. For example, if you plan on receiving foreign currency payments, you’ll need to open a separate account for each currency since your house bank account is set up to receive funds in one currency only. Consequently, you have to manage multiple accounts and provide different IBANs to your clients abroad. Moreover, these foreign currency accounts come at a high cost, involve tons of paperwork and long processing times.

Facilitating international business payments

To solve these challenges and facilitate SMEs’ international business, we are excited to introduce amnis’ new foreign currency business account solution COLLECT, providing a simple and secure way to receive money from anywhere without the headaches of international banking. It allows you to

  • avoid foreign currency account fees,
  • reduce administrative errors, and
  • get a foreign currency account in seconds.

The only account your SME will ever need

The new feature is designed to become the only foreign currency business account your company will ever need. Open a business account at amnis and with COLLECT you can and manage all your customer payments in one place, collect money with your company’s own named IBAN accounts, and reduce the administrative burden that naturally comes with having multiple bank accounts and -relations.

COLLECT provides access to:

Local EUR & GBP IBAN accounts in your own name
You receive virtual IBAN accounts to collect and send EUR and GBP in your own name. This means, for example, that you can provide your customers with a real UK IBAN for local payments. This setup brings significant cost advantages for you and your customers and accelerates payment execution (with SEPA Instant Credit Transfers and UK Faster Payments).

Local USD & CAD accounts in your own name
You also get domestic account numbers in USD and CAD so that you can receive payments in your name and manage foreign currency funds like a local.

Multi-currency IBAN in 20+ currencies
One account, many currencies: Your multi-currency business account comes with one account number that is set up to receive 25 different currencies from 180+ countries via SWIFT. Hence, no matter which currencies your clients send to you, you are able to receive and store these funds centralized in one place, making account management incredibly easy.

The global business account for SMEs

amnis aimed at creating a business account that makes international business for SMEs easier with a simple, secure and low-cost way to receive and send money.

“COLLECT enables our customers to get paid from just about anywhere, in just about any currency. Thanks to this feature, SMEs no longer need costly foreign currency bank accounts and neither do they have to pay high fees for receiving foreign currencies. I am thrilled that we can even offer our local IBANs for free!”, concludes Michael Wuest, CEO of amnis.

Benefit from the new feature for international business payments and add the local IBANs to your invoices to speed up your collection process and enhance your own as well as your customers’ payment experience with amnis!

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Sabrina Maly
As a marketing manager at amnis I provide SMEs with fx market, international business and news updates on our blog & FAQ page.
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