Michael Wuest in the bank WIR podcast about Swiss SMEs and foreign exchange

Michael Wuest in the Bank WIR podcast about Swiss SMEs and foreign exchange
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In todays times of globalization, foreign currency transactions are an integral part of a Swiss SME’s daily business. Michael Wuest, CEO of amnis, and Matthias Pfeifer, CSO at Bank WIR, explain in the podcast «O-Ton» how SMEs can minimize fx (foreign exchange) risks and save money on fx transactions.

In «O-Ton», the bank WIR podcast format, Volker Strohm provides exciting insights into the Swiss SME world and economic and financial topics with added value for private individuals as well as companies. The current episode is about the partnership between the bank WIR and amnis and the common vision to support Swiss SMEs with a simple, affordable and above all transparent fx trading platform.

With amnis’ offering, this has also been achieved: the fx solution is tailored to the needs of SMEs and offers transparent margins, currency hedging with maximum flexibility and 24/7 platform access.

Michael Wuest and Matthias Pfeifer also talk about tips for minimizing risk when dealing with foreign exchange. For example, an fx rate alert can be set up to monitor the most traded currency pairs or a limit order can be used to keep an eye on the preferred target rate. “Many Swiss SMEs are not aware of their foreign exchange volume,” says Michael Wuest. This makes it all the more important to know your current fx situation in order to be able to analyze risks and actively manage them. Typical pitfalls and “quick wins” in currency exchange and foreign payments are also highlighted in the podcast.

«O-Ton» is available on (almost) all podcast platforms. Simply enter “Bank WIR” in the search field of your favorite podcast platform, or listen to the latest episode with Michael Wuest and Matthias Pfeifer here:

Listen in and learn more about transparency in fx trading and optimizations through automation and digitalization in the Swiss fintech amnis!

amnis already serves more than 2’000 companies in Switzerland and is on a strong growth trajectory. In addition to traditional payment methods, amnis offers the option of making cross-border, real-time payments around the clock to suppliers within a client’s own PEER network. Moreover, amnis customers are able to receive foreign currencies very easily via their own business IBAN accounts.

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