Foreign exchange transactions even more convenient with Amnis & eBill

Foreign exchange transactions with ebill
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From now on, AMNIS customers can automatically collect CHF or EUR from their bank account via eBill for the purchase of any foreign currency.

«With the integration of eBill, we are simplifying the entire process for foreign exchange transactions and related foreign payments on our intuitive platform one step further.»

Michael Wüst, CEO – AMNIS Treasury Services AG

With eBill you receive the payment order for your open foreign exchange transactions directly in your e-banking portal, where you already pay all your other bills. You can view the invoice directly online, check it and pay with just one click. Alternatively, you can set up a standing approval for Amnis eBill invoices and have the amount automatically transferred to your AMNIS account on the due date.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Easy: A manual entry of payment orders to AMNIS is no longer necessary.
  • Safe: You can execute payments error-free and reliably.
    Fast: You pay your bills exactly on your desired date.
  • Automated: Pay automatically by means of a standing approval with predefined criteria.
  • Full control: Payment is only executed once you have checked and approved the invoice.
  • Free: You do not pay any fees for using eBill.

How do I register for eBill?

  1. Log in to your e-banking as usual.
  2. Select “eBill” in the navigation bar and activate the service.
  3. Select “Amnis Treasury Services” as the invoicing party.
Then you can already automate your foreign currency transactions via eBill.
Convenient – fast – free of charge
Register for eBill today!


Visit our website to learn more about our solutions or try Amnis with atest-account.

If you have any questions about eBill, you can contact us directly via email at or via phone +41 44 515 87 90.

Moreover, you can find further information on eBill at

Michael Wüst
Michael Wüst is the CEO and Co-Founder of amnis. He regurarly writes news articles and publishs best pratices guides about Foreign Exchange, Hedging, International Payments, Treasury Management and more. Follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest industry news and insights.
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