EUR/CHF: Banks forecast a slightly weaker Swiss franc

EUR/CHF: Banks forecast a slightly weaker Swiss franc
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In recent months, the Swiss franc has strengthened significantly against the Euro. Therefore, we have summarised the latest exchange rate forecasts of various banks: On average, a slight weakening of the Swiss franc is expected again in the coming quarters.

Only EUR/CHF forecasts that were updated in the last 3 months and published in the Bloomberg information system were taken into account in the analysis. In total, we have analyzed the forecasts of 44 financial institutions.


For about a month, EUR/CHF has been trading between 1.0850 and 1.0930. Thus, it is all the more surprising that no bank predicts a decline below EUR/CHF 1.0500 in the coming quarters. Based on the averages, a slightly weaker Swiss franc is expected overall.

The data show how difficult it is to predict exchange rates. That is why it is worthwhile to develop a hedging strategy tailored to individual needs.

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