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Amnis WebApp is packed with all the features you need to get your currency exchanges and international payments done fast, simple, and fair.

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PAY fast, everywhere

Amnis WebApp reduces your bank fees and simplifies your payments or money transfer.

Transfer money to anyone anywhere – without limitations.

COLLECT fair, easy

Amnis WebApp allows you to receive international payments from all over the world.

Via your Multi-IBAN account you can collect cash quickly – in 24 currencies.

EXCHANGE powerful, simple

Currency exchange simplified to allow Financial Managers to trade at the best rate.

Get your margin back, the banks have kept it for too long – and save up to 2.1%.

PEER instant, free, everywhere

The best feature so far.

Be part of the Amnis Peer-to-Peer-Network and benefit from free, instant trading possibilities with all your peers worldwide – no limit.

The international payment platform number #1 for SMEs

More features like...

Highest security standards

The Amnis WebApp is built on the latest cyber security standards available on the market. Amnis WebApp – your Swiss online vault.

Multi users and multi account management

Not only do we provide access for multiple users, but you can also use it for several companies with one user.

Same day account creation

You have an urgent payment to make? We’ve got you covered.
 Just click on Create Account, get identified and start in less than one hour.

24/7 platform access

Flexibility is key! 
Don’t be limited by your bank working hours. You can access our platform whenever you want – 24/7.

Advanced reporting

Benefit from tailored reports that allow you to analyse and optimise your operations.
Any questions?
Just contact us – we are here for you!

No deposit required to start

It’s as simple as it sounds – no deposit required.


Our API allows you to accelerate and simplify your transaction procedures.
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To simplify international financial transactions for SMEs.

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