International Payments with the #1 all-in-one account for global banking

All-in-one account for your global banking

Your powertool to cut international transaction costs, facilitate team spending, and save time on daily accounting tasks.

  • CH-IBAN in the name of your company for local collections
  • Free, local payments and collections in the UK, US, CH & EU
  • Smart expenses with multi-currency debit cards at 0% fees
  • 24/7 currency exchange at transparent rates
  • Interest on safeguarded accounts in EUR, USD, GBP & CZK

Swiss innovation with extra tools for SMEs

Experience the ease of managing your global payments and finances through one integrated tool. Bank-level security at a fraction of the cost.


Accelerated, cost-effective international payments

Recurring and bulk payments for time and cost savings

Process one-time and recurring payments via local and cross-border payment rails at minimum cost, ensuring suppliers receive their full due amounts. Enjoy the added convenience of our multipay and file upload features, simplifying and accelerating mass payments.

Real-time payment tracking

Easily track the status and expected arrival time of your payments, similar to tracking parcels, and keep beneficiaries informed through our automated tracking system and public payment tracking links.


Global business account in 20+ currencies

Local EUR, CHF, GBP, USD and CAD accounts within seconds

In a few clicks, set up virtual, domestic accounts under your company’s name for local payment collections in Europe, Switzerland, UK, USA and Canada and say goodbye to tedious paperwork! Manage foreign currency funds like a local, ensuring unparalleled payment convenience for your business partners.

Multi-currency IBAN for 20+ currencies

One account, multiple currencies: simplify cross-border transactions (SWIFT) with a multi-currency IBAN in your company’s name. Effortlessly manage 20+ currencies through a single multi-currency account, streamlining account management while reducing administrative efforts.


Flat-rate, self-service currency trading

24/7 currency exchange made easy for you

On your terms: Execute spot, forward, and limit order transactions anytime through our user-friendly self-service tool, ensuring complete control with transparent processes and flat rates. Access exceptional local support if needed.

Your cash management on autopilot

Managing cash in multiple currencies is now as easy as managing your email inbox: Just like setting rules to forward or categorize emails helps save time, automating your fx transactions with amnis allows you to streamline your financial workflows with ease.


Your team’s multi-currency debit cards at 0% fees

Instant cards, smartly managed

Instantly issue physical and virtual multi-currency cards for your employees online. Set customized limits, assign cards to teams, and monitor budgets with ease and on the go with our mobile app.

Streamlined expense capturing

Easily tag and assign card transactions to projects or departments for comprehensive reports. Simplify expense management and bookkeeping by uploading receipts and importing transaction files into your accounting system.

Get your test account in 30 seconds. Activate any time.

In just 30 seconds, you get a free demo account to test our WebApp and compare rates, no obligations. Ready? Complete the account activation effortlessly in a few minutes – fully digital.


Get your test account

You’re only 30 seconds away from our platform! Compare rates and explore all features – completely non-binding.

Complete the digital onboarding

When you’re ready to open your business account, simply provide a bit more background information and verify your identity online to complete the onboarding process.

Manage your payments efficiently

Upon completing your compliance check and activating your account (usually within 48 hours), we’ll notify you via email. You’re now ready to optimize your global finances.
Traditional Banks
Digital account opening
Individual local IBAN accounts
Instant cards with expense capturing
Free money transfers
Smart payment tracking
Self-service flat-rate currency exchange
Cash management automations
No minimum transaction volume
Dedicated to SMEs

Your account’s security is our priority

client funds
EEA deposit

Unlocking global money transfers

Borderless currency transactions: Send money to over 200 countries and receive funds from 180+ countries through SWIFT. Maximize cost-efficiency with access to our network’s local payment rails.


2 billion +

CHF yearly payment volume

101 currency

pairs active

124 countries

we’ve already sent money to

4.8 stars

top-rated on Trustpilot

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